Submitted Publications 

Schwartz, M., Crompton, C. 2016. “Remaking History: Lesbian Feminist Historical Methods In The Digital Humanities.” Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminist Digital Humanities. Debates in DH. University of Minnesota Press. Submitted.

Selected Publications

Schwartz, M. 2015. Review: It’s What I Do – A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. Shameless. Fall 2015.

Schwartz, M., Crompton, C. 2015. “Representing Canadian Queer Authorship: Making the Internet a Women’s Place.” Cultural Mapping and the Digital Sphere: Place and Space. R. Panofsky & K. Kellett (Eds.). University of Alberta Press.

Schwartz, M., Crompton, C. 2014. “Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada: Representing the Dyke Dynamo.” Digital Studies. Vol. 4.

Schwartz, M. 2014. Review: Army of Lovers: A Community History of Will Munro – Sarah Liss. Spacing. Spring 2014(74).

Schwartz, M. 2013. Review: How Poetry Saved My Life – Amber Dawn. Shameless. Winter 2013(44).

Schwartz, M. 2013. Review: Resisting the State & Gender and Sexuality: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists – Scott Neigh. Shameless. Spring 2013(43).

Schwartz, M. 2013. Review: The Comfort of Queer Family Wisdom – Elisha Lim. Shameless. Winter 2012(45).

Schwartz, M. 2013. Review: First Spring Grass Fire – Rae Spoon. Shameless. Winter 2012(43).

Schwartz, M. 2012. Review: Venus With Biceps – David L. Chapman. Shameless. Fall 2012(21).

Schwartz, M. 2012. Counter Culture Classics: Bikini Kill. Shameless. Spring 2012(20).

Schwartz, M. 2011. Reviews: Elisha Lim & Their Illustrated Gentleman – Feminist Art Gallery. Shameless. Fall 2011(18):42.

Schwartz, M. 2011. Review: Love is a Hunter – Rae Spoon. Shameless. Spring 2011(17):45.

Weglein, J., Scheir, W., Peterson, J., Malsbury, S., Schwartz, M. 2008. Guide to the New York World’s Fair 1939 and 1940 Incorporated Records, 1935-1945, MssCol 2233. New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives Division.


As the Instructional Design and Research Strategist at the Learning & Teaching Office, I put together newsletters (Best Practices) and research documents (Teaching Tips) highlighting best practices in teaching in higher education.

Best Practices

Teaching Tips

Copy Writing

As a writer for TripAdvisor, I researched and wrote descriptions for hundreds of destinations, including forty world capitals and over eighty popular North American cities. In addition, I researched, fact-checked, edited, and generated copy for over a hundred downloadable travel guides, examples of which can be downloaded here:

Brussels Fall/Winter Destination Guide (pdf)

Undiscovered Caribbean (pdf)

Top Ten Bets for Bargain Travel Guide (pdf)