DHSI 2015

This year I was lucky enough to attend the Digital Humanities Summer Institute along with the entire LGLC Team. RAs Travis White, Jessica Bonney, Raymon Sandhu, and Sarah Lane designed a poster on the project:

I took a class on Linked Open Data and RDF. I enlisted my entire class at DHSI in the task of choosing ontologies for the LGLC data set. I tried to pick some fun and challenging examples, like the best way to represent angry letter writing in RDF.

Linked Open Data whiteboard

Prosopography at DH2014

DH2014 logoThere were two workshops on prosopography at this year’s DH conference in Lausanne. The first one, spearheaded by Harvey Quamen, with assistance from Constance Crompton and myself, covered database options available for working with prosopographical data, specifically MySQL and Neo4j. Harvey was nice enough to set up a website for our workshop, and the slides and resources that were discussed have been posted.

Harvey in action at DH2014:

The second workshop was on Ontologies for Prosopography. More details about the workshop are available on stoa.org.

If you’re interested in continuing a discussion of methodology and possible collaborations in the area of historical, ancient historical and modern prosopography and person database projects. If you are interested in joining, please send a message to the Google Group for iPRG, the International Prosopography Research Group.